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Agony Aunt helps you to deal with workplace problems


Communication is the key

I recently landed a job which requires me to travel extensively. I have fractured my leg and cannot do that much travelling every single day. However, this has been one of the best companies of travel agencies since a few years now. I cannot afford to pass up this chance. They do actually have an office that is a lot closer to where I live. I haven’t even started going for work so how to ask the head to shift my location?

Ans: you can start by explaining your circumstances to your supervisor, and go on to explain that your health has prevented you from going back to work but you would really like to start again. And to be able to put in maximum hours and effort due to your health it would be optimal for you to work at the closer location. Also, this should be put forward as a request due to circumstances not just a matter of convenience.

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Graduation Woes

I just graduated and gave a lot of interviews a few days ago. I am much unsure of the interviews as they weren’t amazing. The interviewers were intimidating and my anxiety kept acting up. In 2 days I have my next and last interview. It was the hardest one to get. It is my first option. How should I overcome my anxiety and what to do to impress the interviewer?

Ans: It is important to be prepared, write down key points, ideas and opinions that you think would be of relevance. Practice with someone prior to the interview so that you are more comfortable and self-assured. Remember to breathe and take your time, remember that you deserve this and are qualified. Just be yourself and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Competitive Spirit

My colleagues are very competitive. It is not healthy competition. It’s causing fights in the office. People are getting fired due to the commotion they cause. I am new here. I don’t want to get into the problems. People are constantly quarrelling over who should get promoted. What can I do to stay out of the mess and if possible, help solve it?

Ans: since you are new, use that as an advantage, stay out of the fights as they all are about promotions. You are here to learn and gain experience and make that evident. Maybe organise activities that all the employees can engage in after-hours so as to bond and connect more so they stop viewing each other as competition. Let your work speak for you and if things get out of hand to have a conversation with HR.

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Baby Steps

I suffer from anxiety. When I get anxious I can’t think straight. My feel lost and clueless and helpless. I feel this way when I’m at work. Since I am new here and haven’t interacted with the head or my colleagues that much, I get very nervous. This makes my anxiety act up. Due to this I can’t think properly and end up underperforming. No one knows my full potential. Are there any ways to showcase it?

Ans: Remember that you were hired because they saw your potential. Take baby steps, there is no hurry, try to learn slowly, and be involved. If too many people at once is overwhelming try engaging with employees on a one to one basis. Every time you feel your anxiety acting up just take a minute, move away, breathe and then come back.