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Agony Aunt helps you to deal with workplace problems


No time for family

I am an entrepreneur. I am having a problem because my family is saying that I am spending too much time at work and not with them. I am constantly taking work calls and I come home late at night and usually leave early as my office is far. My colleagues and employees say that they too want breaks and that if I take one, they shall get one too but if this happens the company will suffer. How do I convey to them that I work for longer hours and take all the risks of the company so I do deserve a break?

Ans: Your work conditions need to be better explained to your family than simply letting them form assumptions based on what they see. Since you have been working so hard, you do deserve a break as it will help you rejuvenate and also contribute towards building a healthy balance between work and personal life. Your employees can also benefit from the same. Working longer hours may tire you in the long run so it is important to bring in breaks once in a while so as to keep the monotony at bay and enjoy the work.

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The unfriendly colleague

I am working in a company with a lot of colleagues. I am friendly with all of them. However, one of them is very rude to be and for some reason talks badly about me to the others. She says that she hates me because I spoke to her without respect but I don’t think I did that, at least not intentionally. How do I convey to her that this is a misunderstanding and that I do not have anything against her?

Ans: Initially you may begin by talking to her directly about the misunderstanding. If things do not improve then probably not being affected by what she says about you in the office might work. The people at your workplace if try and put in efforts to know you as a person, will not believe the things that colleague of yours spreads. Those people matter rather than people who might get easily influenced.

Working with ex

I am working in a firm. I am working under one of the best people in the business. I cannot leave this job. However, someone I was dating a few months ago works here too. We met here itself. Now it is very awkward between us. The leader of the firm is unaware of my relationship with him. He, therefore, has put us in the same section of work. How can I ask him to change his section or mine so that it is easier to concentrate in office?

Ans: The issues with your ex are percolating in the work environment and to not let it affect your job, roping in your leader by telling him about the difficulty to work in the same environment might help. You can assure the leader no compromise in any form in whatever you do until you get better to share workspace with your ex might also exude your dedication towards the job.

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Outdated office

My workspace is very impractical. There are no fans or proper tube lights in the room. We often get tired easily mainly due to the lack of resources for easy work. We waste out precious time which could be put to productive uses in doing menial jobs. There are outdated machines and computers; there aren’t enough furniture pieces for everyone. How can we ask for improvement and more material to our head if he is already so selfish? 

Ans: working in an environment which is conducive to all is an important aspect of the productivity. the basic demands aren’t unreasonable and in case of there being unfair practices being followed, you can always approach the HR department and file in the grievances. You can also explain your head that the work output can be made much better if there are proper amenities provided else the overall work suffers.