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Agony Aunt helps you to deal with workplace problems


Quitting for better opportunities

I have been working with a publishing company for 2 years now. I had always been very sure of my work stream and my passion for writing. Although I enjoy writing and working in a creative environment, recently I have felt a pull towards fashion journalism. My head of department is keen on promoting me as soon as possible but I don’t want to work here anymore. How can I secure a job in fashion writing before he talks to me about promotion and how to tell him that I want to quit his company?

Ans: Transparency at work place always goes a long way in maintaining amiable relationships despite not wanting to work for a particular organisation anymore. If you are on a lookout for a job in fashion writing and if it is set to happen soon then maybe talking to your boss about the possibility of you quitting and sticking to your current position may help. Also, looking out for similar options at the current workplace can also be considered. And if you are set to quit then the sooner you clue them about the same, the better it is for them to find a replacement as well.  Also, before you leave your job to pursue fashion journalism, do your research and make an informed decision that is not governed solely by your interest in that area. This is important to consider as interests can change easily.

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Crass colleagues

I am 26 years old and a workaholic. My work means everything to me and making it perfect is essential to me. My boss appreciates my work ethic and has rapidly promoted me from an intern to a permanent high seat employee. I have worked here since the end of my graduation and worked through my post-graduation course. She recently promoted me to head of department as the old head of department was transferred to another part of the country. All of my colleagues who I used to be really close to, have become very rude and have a certain loathing towards me. I think it is because they have been working here longer and are older but did not get the spot of head of department. What should I do? Please help.

Ans: The assumption that your work colleagues are giving you a cold shoulder needs to be warranted as at times it may not be what you perceive it to be. Your promotion is something you have gained as a result of your hard work and if your work colleague equates age and hierarchy to getting promoted then somewhere that philosophy is ancient. Prioritise your focus at work place as it will save you from putting in energy into thoughts that put you down. At work, personal relationships usually take a back seat thus shifting your focus onto the work performance is imperative.

Juggling with jet lags

I have a passion for travelling but I am also very dedicated to my job. Since my employer too is big on travelling, he gives me a good amount of leaves to go on the vacations that I would like to. However, those are not enough, not because I want to travel more but because every time I travel I suffer jet lag which makes me tired and does not let me show my full potential. I waste a lot of days trying to get back to routine in my time zone. I also fall sick often due to the constant change in cuisine which I am not accustomed to. I want to maintain my health, any suggestions?

Ans: A sound work life balance is important to maintain. Your dedication to work and love for travel make it a difficult combination to do justice to each of these passions. since you know that your body is unable to handle too many changes at a time in terms of weather and cuisines, maybe keeping the constant holidays to the minimum might help. You can cut down on days taken to recuperate and can have a better control over your health. You can probably use weekends for closer getaways so that you don’t feel compromising on everything at once.

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Forced career choices

I was born and brought up in India. My parents outlook is very old-school and not progressive at all. My area has a lot of my relatives who have a clear view for my every step. I am very passionate about dancing. However, my parents have set their mind up to make me continue working at the office where I started working just to pay off bills. My dance career will go far and I have been praised by many important figures. My family does not understand that dance can be more than just a passion. How do I convince them to let me follow my dreams and not think of what the rest of the people will think.

Ans: You can probably begin by taking it up seriously as a career and then let the success speak for you instead of trying to convince your parents. since your parents are conservative understanding that success can be met by non-conventional fields as well will take a while to happen. Thus, in the meantime, rather than making it about your parents wish and what others might think, take a call based on what you would personally want. Things will become easier for parents to agree with once they see you happy.