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In-house sexual harassment

I got married three months back and got shifted to a new city. During the first month, everything was flowery and my husband as well as my in-laws took great care of me but my father-in-law is taking extra care of me for the past two weeks. There has been an episode where I went in his room to give him medicines and he tried to touch me inappropriately. I was in a state of shock and I couldn’t think of any way of how to tell my husband or what to do so I did not share this with anyone. But these incidents have increased now so I told my husband about it. He doesn’t believe me and curses me and family’s background. I feel I will have a mental breakdown because I don’t know what to do.

 Ans : You need to seek an immediate help, whether it is of your family or some sort of social body, who can step in and be a good judge of the situation, as this looks very vicious situation, which if not handled with care can cause a lots damage for you. Try to take someone else in confidence you will believe you from his family if that’s possible, this can prove to be a good support for you. You can probably go to your maiden house till you do not figure things out just so that you are safe and also to prevent from things going worse. Try if you can catch you father-in-law’s inhuman behaviour by probably asking a trust worthy person to keep an eye on it while you pretend to be alone with him. If you can gather proof by recording voices or capturing video, that will be your strengthening point. If you really feel it is too much to deal with seek professional help or family counselling and they will help you with the same on a priority bases.