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Agony Aunt: Dealing with problems at work place


Communication woes

Communication within the organization is an issue. For some reason, my subordinates are not good team players and they lack communication. One team is not aware about what the other team is doing and this causes a lot of problems in the efficiency and productivity of our work. Kindly guide me as I really cannot see my office crumble and I feel I am losing it as a manager. I cannot let this happen under my leadership. Please guide

Ans: You need to implement smart way of developing method which will help your staff to interact between each other. Work on the strategy called as the ‘open door’, where in anyone can approach other employees if they need to interact, regardless of the hierarchy. Also using social media as a way to group people or implementing intra networking at your office will prove helpful in terms of involving everyone involuntary and this will force them to be in touch will each other for more than just work related concerns and encourage more social expressions.  Lastly you can try to delegate group project wherein they are given common goals to achieve, this will not only motivate them to interact for getting their work done but also give them a sense of group cohesiveness that will help them bond and share the joy of achievements together. Hiring a professional can also help you to sort this issue and come up with something that can personalize to your particular need at work.

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Feeling like a loser

My parents always told me that I was an intelligent boy and then I met a girl during my high school days and fell madly in love with her that I completely forgot about education. I then got a job in a call centre and I barely earned to suffice myself. I want to earn more, but I do not know how to do it. My siblings are all working abroad and they are more settled and I am thinking of doing the same. However, it looks very difficult as the only reason why I will get a visa is because I have my siblings there but beside, even abroad I won’t have much scope as I am not too educated. I feel horrible about myself and I often think of myself as a looser for not making anything out of my life. What should I do I feel very lost as to how should I go about this?

Ans: you cannot live like this for rest of your life, there are ups and downs but you have to move on and get yourself to pedestal again. If you are an intelligent boy as you say, you can always think of studying, yes you made a mistake that you did not give enough attention to your studies but if you regret it now you need to do something about it, it not the end. You can figure out what you want to take up as your career and began your studies in that field. Start with doing a career test for yourself if you are confused. Once you know what your natural ability lies, you can then take a decision about what course you want to get into. You can either study here or even think of going abroad like your siblings on a student visa. Yes it may cost you money but there are easy student’s loans available now. If you really want to make the change in your life, start now, start with the stepping stone and if you are passionate about your career you will figure things out.  You can even look out for part time jobs to repay your loans and all you need to do is work hard but it will pay off well, when you feel confident in terms of attaining your goals happily.

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Keeping the best

I have a very strong HR and hence I have a good set of employees. However, off late my business is facing problems and we are not able to make much revenue as the market is down. But I do not want to lose the set of brilliant employees that I have and I want them to feel connected to my company. I know that my business will pick up later, but I do not want them to search for new opportunities now as if I lose them then I lose a set of brilliant employees. How do I maintain their motivation in times when I know that there is not much sales and revenue happening?  

Ans: You are in a fix where you have to choose between your real and desired ideas; you know the reality screams to terminate few of your employees so that you can probably get your business’ revenues however you desire to make these employees stay in your company so that you are satisfied with your team. Well, what you can do is create a win-win situation here, you be open with your employees and share your feelings with them. Show them that you are very happy about their levels of motivation and you would like them to keep up but the fact is that they may not necessarily get monetary gain as the returns. Sometimes people do not always need reinforcement that is materialistic, a sense of job security and a close relationship with work people can also be a drive for many to stay at their jobs for long time. If that’s the case with your employees they will understand at help you sort out some things in your company. Assuming the market is bad they too would like to secure their jobs even if it is at the cost of lower their pay, so it might work.