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Act 14 of 2013- sexual harassment of women at workplace by Advocate Rahul Mhaskar: Review


Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Act 14 of 2013)

Author: Rahul Mhaskar

Publisher: Absolute Guilt

Pages: 51; Price: Rs 135

Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace is a very timely book. In an age when women’s safety at workplace is spoken of it becomes the need of the hour to understand Act 14 (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal Act 2013) by everyone – men and women alike. “She needs to learn the Law made for her protection and has got to aware of her rights,” rightly says Dr Laxmi P Rao, Principal Judge Family Court in the Foreword to the book.

The main objective of the book to make the act easily comprehensible for the laymen as well as professionals working in various industries.

The uniqueness of the book likes in its presentation, which unlike stand lay books (which are a mere duplication of text), has presentation of the law in the form of sketches. The book is authored by Advocate Rahul Mhaskar with sketched by Shirish Shrikant Ghatge, a student of National Institute of Design Ahmedabad.

The sketches not just make the laws easily understandable, but also make the book a little less verbose.