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A Paper Boat: Embracing your hidden child this monsoon



With monsoon just round the corner, it’s time to bring out the hidden child in you to soak into the happiness of nature and its mist, writes SUMEET NAIK.

Everyone gets into the pre-monsoon preparations as soon as one hears it approaching. From stocking grains, grinding masalas to drying various frying delicacies to be served during rains, we ensure that all is in place before the first showers soothe heat ravaged land.

But do we really prepare ourselves to enjoy these magic moments that the monsoon brings along? Or do we just get busy only stocking materialistic things, completely ignoring the personal pleasure aspect?

Every individual, irrespective of age or which strata of the society one belongs to, has a child hidden somewhere deep within. With the passage of time and day to day responsibilities, that child seems to take a back seat in most of us. As adults we don’t make paper boats anymore, and we think so much before accompanying our child to get drenched in the first monsoon showers. So much so that many prefer to stay indoors during rains rather than take a stroll to enjoy the gushing of sea or take in the sweet smell of the damp mud.

Nature has continued to bless us with same natural delight like it did when we were kids. What made us change then? Why can’t we today, just for once make a small paper boat and run across to the stream of water nearest to us and compete with several kids already playing out there. Why can’t we run faster than our children out of the house, seeing the first monsoon showers embracing the mother Earth from heaven?

Friends, it’s time to once again unleash that child residing in the remotest corner of your individuality. Set the child free for once this monsoon, it will help you see many more. Trust me, the stream shall flow as it always did during monsoon, the smell of mud shall kiss the air as it always did when wet. So go out and breathe…and yes…don’t forget to carry your very own PAPER BOAT!