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A hug which matters


Need healing from within? Step outside for a while and cuddle a tree. It will calm your mind and is definitely better than banging your head against a wall in desperation

The magic hug

Have you ever hugged a tree? Well, if you haven’t then you must go through this experience to feel the positive energies flowing into you, calming down your senses, soothing your cluttered mind. You may almost feel as if the tree is hugging you back.

Trees, like other living things, have energy and an aura around them.They are a source of energy on many levels which so much benefit us humans without us even realising the fact. On the physical level they are the direct source of nurturing life on this planet; we would not be able to breathe if the trees refuse to silently work for us – continuously.

Selfless hugs

I would sound like a nursery teacher if I say that “trees provide us with oxygen, shelter and shade. They also provide us with fruits and wood to help ensure our survival!”. But how many of us ever thought about this Kindergarten lesson, on a spiritual, emotional or even on a practical level? Our thoughts and actions never include trees; do they? For us they are simply – there; may not be even visible to us at times. But of course, we do look for a tree when we want to park our cars under a shade on a hot summer afternoon. But that’s about it; our relationship with trees ends there, on a selfish note. Think about it.

I remember as a child sitting hours and hours under the guava tree in our backyard. I simply loved sitting there after the hectic day at school. I found, that much-desired company in that Guava tree. I would pluck and eat the fruits, swing on the branches, sometimes study or simply do nothing under its shade. But I never realised the soothing, healing and nurturing power of that tree; until now, when I find myself thinking about that tree and actually missing it. Only after I have experienced the positive energies when I hug a tree, have I realised; what that Guava tree did or was for me. And I don’t think that it is merely a coincidence that guavas are my number one comfort food till date.

Trees and spirituality

Human relationship with the trees and tree hugging is bit spiritual. One gets spiritually connected with oneself and may feel one with the cosmos while hugging a tree. It may feel awkward in the beginning but simply go ahead and hold trees into a tight embrace feeling the rough texture of the trunk and look upwards, towards the skies and what you would experience is something beyond words. The only precondition is that you should be receptive enough to catch what is subtly transmitted to you.

You, know the roots of the trees which reach deep into the ground have that excellent grounding energy which flows through you when you hug a tree. Even when you are around a tree and not actually hugging it, you automatically slow down and cool off. Did you ever notice this? If not, then spend some time under a tree; plan a picnic under a tree or read a book under a shady tree sometime.

Their vibrations are slower, deeper and more focussed as compared to other living things on this planet. The reason for this is that the over all existance of the tree revolves around positivity.

Trees are our spiritual teachers

You will learn life’s most vital lessons if you analyse a tree’s behavior pattern and survival mantra. Read the following lines about the trees and try to imbibe some in yourself to find perpetual peace and happiness within yourself all by yourself without even a spiritual guru.

They strive to survive – right from the moment they pop out from the ground; they are fighting for their exitance, going against all odds, never for a moment, giving up.

They face challenges –  the weather (in all possible extremes) and now even us humans (by bombarding the environment with all possible forms of pollution, be it weather, water or soil) put out deadly challenges in front of them, yet they face them and come out a winner…well, almost everytime.

They are always doing the right karma – and that too continuously. They never ever seize to act the way they are supposed to! They never ever do something which they are not designed for!

They turn over a new leaf – the old leaves fall off, the new ones are produced, and nothing stops for anything.

They bend before they break – yes to their maximum, accomodating and adjusting, only when the pressure on them gets the toughest of them, do they snap off.

They are grounded – irrespective of how much ever benefit it is to anyone, it stays firmly grounded and rooted to where it should be.

They stay unaffected – to everything whatever is happening outside of them, they are just focussed inwards, doing what they are supposed to do unaffected.

They keep growing – and this is most imporatnt. Every day is a new day for a tree. The growth never ever stops for them.

Do not shy away

Now try and understand, if a living thing is surviving only with such positive traits what kind of an aura and energy will it have? Surely positive, nurturing which will energies everything which comes in contact with it…us included! Doesn’t it also explain why the Saints and Rishis in olden times head towards forests in search of knowledge, in search of themselves? And they would come out extremely focussed, positive, enlightened and peaceful. That’s what trees do to us – they connect us to ourselves. Everyone knows about the connection of Buddha’s enlightenment with the Bodhisattva tree.

The vibes they give out is essentially of safety, security and stability. When you are around a tree, you pick up these vibes and when you actually hug a tree, these vibes start flowing through you. You begin to resonate with the tree’s energy and you become more focussed and grounded. Proximity with a tree can be very healing and can help you reconnect with the sacredness of life and living things.

Well, that’s the secret of finding your own supply of positive energies for the day.

Another thing which we must realise is that we necessarily have to learn to nurture the trees and vegetation around us. It will ensure life on this planet.There is no alternative to trees.Create opportunities for yourself and others around you to plant trees wherever and everywhere possible. Save the planet, save yourself, save life.

Go ahead and hug a tree. Let peace and tranquility flow through you. Stay grounded and always reach out upwards towards heavens, just like trees do. Relax, rejuvenate, appreciate life.

So, what’s holding you back? Start a relationship with a tree! You only will have to make the initiative because we need them, they don’t need us.