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5 ways to deal with unhappiness


All of us go through ups and downs in life; there are positive and negative events and occurrences. Some life events surely do not contribute to happy reactions. But the secret to Happiness lies in not letting any situation or event overpower your mental positivity and influence long term relationships and feelings. Temporary low troughs and mood swings are totally human and okay as long as they do not negatively affect your perspective of life, of yourself and people around you.

Follow these simple and practical tips on what you can do to rid yourself of Unhappiness.

  1. Find a Solution

When something goes wrong try to figure out a solution instead of wallowing in self-pity. Do not keep thinking about the problem itself or reliving a situation or event. Truly happy people do not allow setbacks to affect their mood because they know that with a little thought they can turn the circumstances back to their favour. In an unhappy situation, try and change your perspective. No situation or event can last forever. Work out a solution and get it out of your head. Let nothing bother you forever. Remember, these solutions are crucial for ensuring internal peace and happiness.

  1. Count your accomplishments for the day.

Usually, we begin each day with the desire to accomplish several objectives. Even after spending the entire day successfully carrying out plans, instead of feeling happy and satisfied, we start feeling unhappy looking at what was not accomplished. Do not keep procrastinating your plans but if you have not been able to finish off what you started for the day, complete it as soon as you get the time and space. Before you go to bed, don’t forget to count each accomplishment for the day, big or small.

  1. Change the way you look at things.

Endeavour to change the way you look at things. Believe me; this practise will take the longest to perfect. Always look at the bright side. The mind might drag you to think about negativity and difficulties. Start directing the mind to look at good and positive aspects of every life situation. Watch your thoughts. Whenever you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, start thinking of pleasant and good things that have happened to you since childhood. Your thoughts will slowly change to the positive.

  1. Stay Detached.

When things do not proceed as intended and desired, and you do need to face an unhappy event or situation, stay detached. Do not attach more meaning and importance to an event or occurrence than required. Think about it, when most of us are put in tough situations, instead of working out solutions, we often start asking unwanted questions like ‘Why does it have to happen to me? Why is God punishing me? Why do I have this kind of fate? Why did I need to get into this situation?’. This ‘Why Me’ attitude is, in fact, one of the biggest culprits leading to unhappiness.

  1. Each day, do something to make yourself and others happy.

Doing something big is not necessarily an indicator of how ‘Happy’ you will be. Very small gestures and acts every day can make you and others happy. For a start, when you step out of bed, set off with a nice big Smile. Try and greet everyone you meet. Pass on a kind word or a gentle appreciative remark to people around. Help your colleagues, stop your car at the crossroad to let people cross, or just get home a small surprise gift or lovely flowers for someone you love. The possibilities are infinite.