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5 As of the Human Mind


Without a fleeting doubt, an individual who harbors a negative mindset or a ‘No’ mind hangs his coattails to a defragmented mind.  This leads us to the principle of the 5 As of the human mind- attraction, affection, attention, appreciation and association.writes Ravi Valluri 

He was a handsome whippersnapper and she an alluring and prepossessing girl; they were to share a stunning and prodigious bonding. It was more than animal magnetism. This was sublime love and endearment, which transcended all boundaries.

Their platonic love was fraught with jeopardy as the families were estranged. Yet, they were intrepid warriors and possessed robust minds which overcame the animus and resistance from their respective families, to enter holy matrimony.

Mystical Radha mesmerized and bewitched by the strains of Lord Krishna’s flute, danced with gay abandon and surrendered unflinchingly to the divinity. Her mind was crystal clear and the mellifluous music swathed through all antipathetic impressions and perceptions. Arjuna jockeyed and grappled with varied thoughts, but always considered the Lord as his Sakha, a genuine and authentic friend in whom he could repose.

And when the seeds of uncertainty and suspicion clouded his mind- the Sakha bared his Virat Swaroop to banish hesitancy, dismay and consternation from the self, body and mind. Now in pristine condition, without any fetters, Arjuna could surmount his worst fears to vanquish and victoriously trampled the forces of Duryodhana.

The dissimilitude and contradistinction of the minds of Radha and Arjuna to those of say Duryodhana and Karna are notable and distinctive. While the former unflinchingly sublimated their amour propre at the feet of the Lord. Obeying every command, they were blessed with ‘Yes’ minds. The latter, despite being valorous and superabundant in nature, in the long haul were ensnared with self-conceit and arrogance.

Their approach was negative and were disposed with a ‘No’ mind. Lord Krishna offered the throne of Hastinapur to Karna, which was declined as he placed his friendship to Duryodhana, superior to the grace and benediction of Lord Krishna. Similarly, the ‘No’ mind of Duryodhana opted for Narayani Sena (army) in place of Narayana himself in the monumental war at Kurukshetra. This juxtaposition is noteworthy as it is a manifestation of the types of minds (Yes and No). Those blessed with efficacious feelings and emotions, embark upon the journey of life, making it positive through a ‘Yes’ mind.

The young couple too discovered their true potential by forfeiting unwarranted fears, trepidation and ego to the Divine and the Universe and thus emerge triumphant in various situations life.

The Universe is singularly canny in listening to and absorbing our thought processes. What the human mind projects to the bosom of the Universe, recoils and ricochets back in copious and multitudinous abundance.

This is nothing but the unique and distinctive Law of Attraction. Charles Haanel was to write, ‘This predominant thought or the mental attitude is the magnet, and the law is that like, consequently, the mental attitude will invariably attract such conditions as corresponds to its nature.’

The mind however, is extremely astute, sharp-witted and perspicacious. It listens to the knocks of those individuals who are confident, have Brobdingnagian concentration, facile communications skills, clarity in thought process, blessed with good health and reasonable food habits, leadership qualities and can manage their time effectively and possess soft skills.

These are qualities which encompass a ‘Yes’ mind. Simultaneously such individuals ought to expatriate anger, fear, anxiety and shyness from the chambers of their minds. And without a fleeting doubt, an individual who harbors a negative mindset or a ‘No’ mind hangs his coattails to a defragmented mind.

This leads us to the principle of the 5 As of the human mind- attraction, affection, attention, appreciation and association.

Questions may arise in the mind of an infantile, ‘What are these traits?’ ‘How does it help to progress in life – spiritually and materialistically?’ ‘What is after all the purpose in life to possess these qualities?’ ‘Does our mind mature by possessing these qualities?’ ‘Do we become too predictable and quotidian by acting in this manner?’

The answer is that we are nothing but a miniscule speck in this vast Universe, populated with millions of galaxies, the Milky way merely one among many. And by performing charitable acts we tend to attract positivity through thoughts and people and enhance greater awareness about our self and other fellow beings in the process.

The couple who chose to charter a greenfield trajectory in life instead of the dreary and beaten brownfield path were bestowed with ‘Yes’ minds.  And their gestures and accomplishments in life were a pointer to the fact.

During various assignments in life they were to encounter an assortment of people. But they never hesitated to extend a helping hand to friends and neighbors. This became their lifeboat during misadventures, embarrassing and edgy situations.

The Universe rewards deftly and ingeniously. The couple were once transferred to an inhospitable place, apparently uninviting and unpromising. By a strange quirk of fate, they were to run into old associates, who during their trying times had been extended unalloyed assistance by the couple. Where families failed, friendship singularly stood out and unexpected bounty and benediction was showered on the couple possessing a ‘Yes’ mind.

The antonyms of the five As would be repulsive (attraction), antipathy (affection), befuddlement (attention), ingratitude (appreciation), seclusion and solitude (association). Radha, Arjuna and the gracious couple were not subsumed by these negative qualities and thus were agents of change, quite unlike Karna and Duryodhana.

Humans need to decide as to which box they would like to be penciled-in and operate from – a ‘Yes’ mind or a ‘No’ mind. Any individual who lives with a positive attitude, in the present moment would opt for the ‘Yes’ box; where the mind is without fear and is bestowed with the 5 As.