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10 Fun things to do this Valentine’s Day


It’s that time of the year when we paint the town red, waiting for the day of love. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it is one hell of a day whether you’re single or committed. We’re bored of the same old roses and chocolates, or the fancy dinners and movies. It’s time we take our creativity a notch higher than our partner’s expectations and try much to keep it real. By keeping it real, we mean to make ‘LOVE’ the epitome of this special day. So here’s our list of the things you can do to cherish and celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day.

Plan a road trip

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Maybe it’s us or maybe it’s the influence of silver screens and the internet that we’re falling in love with road trips. With your ride cutting the winds, hair let down, as she lays her head on your shoulder, caressing your hand, you couldn’t ask for a more romantic outing this Valentine’s Day.

Re-create your first date

First Date

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if your partner gives a major throwback to the first time you met, or your very first date? Re-creating the same nervousness you went through when you met the love of your life would be simply heart melting. Prepare your plan in advance and take your love with a blindfold and let them be awe struck in the moment.

Cook their favourite meal

Cooking meal

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They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; well it works either way too. Cooking your partner’s favourite meal turns out to be an ideal way of expressing your love for them. It’s quite obvious because your cooking skills will prove that you will or won’t let them starve! Decorate your meal with a gorgeous garnish or spend time with an apt presentation technique. If you’re not an ace in the kitchen, learn your way to celebrate this special day.

Leave small gifts around

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It need not be a materialistic expense to share your love. You can leave small gifts with little handwritten notes in places where your partner has a look too often. It could be their drawer, table, bag or car; it’s up to you how good you are in surprising them. You can also collaborate this with a treasure hunt, where you can leave clues in notes to guess and find their hidden gifts.

Take a dance lesson together

Dance lessons Together

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There is nothing sexier than a one to one dance with your love. A dance class where you can mingle in romance on a sassy dance number is sure to set your mood for this day. Samba and Waltz are some dance forms you can give a hand at. Take the lead and fall into each other’s arms as you lose yourself gazing with love.

Go on a picnic


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When love is in the air, a picnic can express your love and care. A day out in the verdant parks or catching a wave on the beach can be a tantalizing time spent together. Roll yourself with the simple things around and take this time to rekindle your lost romance.

Write a letter


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With the advent of media, our style of communication is becoming more and more robotic. The space for emotions is filled by emoticons. Break this current scenario by going back in time and playing it old school. Write a letter or a poem and leave it at your partner’s door step and let the magic begin.

DIY Spa at home


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There are many blogs all over the internet on DIY (do it yourself) spa ideas. You can use the same and create your own spa at home. It can include scented candles, rose petals and dim lights to create a spa like atmosphere, followed by a massage and if you want to get kinkier, you can hop in the shower together as well.

Videotape your memories

Watching videos

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Video editing software is easily available which can help you create an adorable expression of your memories. You can add in your partner’s favourite love song in the background or fill it with cute messages to make it more meaningful. This could be your very own movie with love in the digital age.

Romantic adventure

Couple camping in forests

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If you and your partner are adventure enthusiasts and love travelling outdoors, plan a camping trip this Valentine’s Day and escape into nature. You can also choose a National Park to make your trip even more exciting. As you keep yourself away from the city lights and lay beneath the stars, you will discover that love need not be that fancy after all.