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Would be fathers could also suffer depression


Wellington: If you thought that only women suffer depression during pregnancy as well as post delivery, you may be wrong. According to a new study, would-be fathers who experienced stress or had poor health during their partner’s pregnancy too may be at an increased risk of developing depression.

The findings showed that apart from depression during the third trimester of their partners’ pregnancy, they can also suffer post-partum depression – that occurs after childbirth – similar to women who gave birth, even though their bodies do not go through the same sort of changes.

“Only relatively recently has the influence of fathers on children been recognised as vital for adaptive psychosocial and cognitive development,” said Lisa Underwood from the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

This depression in fathers – which took place nine months after the birth of the child – was associated with perceived stress in pregnancy, no longer being in a relationship with the mother, poor health, being unemployed and having a history of depression.