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World’s largest gathering of brides sets Guinness Record


Beijing: A new Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of brides has been set in China, where 908 beautifully dressed brides-to-be came together to mark the opening of a Huqiu Wedding Dress City.

The brides-to-be had travelled to the event from various cities all over China to take part in the attempt. The attempt was part of celebration for opening of a Huqiu Wedding Dress City and also marked the start of a five-day “Wedding Cruise Tour” event for 500 couples.

The group of women broke the previous record for the largest gathering of brides by 65 participants. Official Guinness World Records judge Maggie Luo was on hand to count and verify the mass participation challenge.

Once Luo had announced the start of the attempt, each of the brides released a colourful helium-filled balloon into the air. Afterwards, they went off to attend a group wedding ceremony on a cruise ship.

The successful attempt, organised by Suzhou Huqiu Bridal Investment, kicked off the carnival of Huqiu bridal shopping town.