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#WhyImSingle perfectly sums up the ups and downs of being single on Valentine’s Day


why i am single twitter

Being single is not a crime. Valentine’s Day is the only time of the year when suddenly you start feeling the pressure to find that someone special. Reason? Because people around you will make you feel there’s nothing worse than spending Valentine’s Day alone. Today on Twitter some users started sharing the ups and downs of being single with the hashtag WhyImSingle. These tweets share the funnier side of the situation. If you are single for all your life, newly single or have been single for a while, you will be able to relate to these tweets. From saying ‘because I like boys who are more attractive than me and out of my league’ to ‘Apparently I can’t date myself’, these hilarious tweets will leave you in splits. Check out some tweets and join for a dose of laughter.

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