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Stress levels highest a week before exam: Study


New Delhi: With the board exams beginning this week, the stress level in students is at its peak, a new study has revealed.

“A month before the examination only 13 per cent of students felt high stress level, which increased to an alarming 82.2 per cent with the exams just a week away,” the study noted.

According to the study, exam stress can be “dangerous” as it affects students both physically and mentally as they “do not eat properly and not care for hygiene” during exams.

“Examination stress not only affects mind but also causes heart beat variations which is dangerous. In addition to that most students lose their appetite and do not take care of personal hygiene during exams,” it said.

The study by, a Bangalore-based online counselling and emotional wellness platform, attributed examination stress to several reasons including high expectations of parents and bad scores among others.

“While a 16-year-old student was stressed because of the expectations set by her parents, another 17-year-old was stressed due to bad scores in the past,” the study found.

Psychologist Sushma Hebbar said it was important for students to “make a timetable” and “stick to a particular type of study method”.

“It is important to not make any last minute changes in their way of studying, and stick to a method that has worked for them in the past.

“Making a timetable helps them visualise how they can finish the syllabus in the limited time they have,” Hebbar said.

It is also important to “take breaks, eat healthy, stay hydrated and get minimum 6 hours of sleep”, she said.