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Social media drives jealousy, leaves people feeling upset


Moscow: Social media sites such as Facebook make people feeling negative, according to a new research which shows that users get jealous when they see the seemingly happier lives of their online friends, reports PTI.

The hunt for likes plays a central role in this, with the majority of people feeling down or upset when they do not get as many likes as they expect for a post and with 42 per cent saying they feel jealous when their friends get more likes than them, researchers said.

In a survey of 16,750 people worldwide, researchers from Kaspersky Lab in Russia showed people’s frustration with social media. People often experience negative emotions after spending time on social media due to a variety of reasons and these overpower the positive effects of social media.

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Consumers visit social media for positive reasons and to feel good. Most people (65 per cent) use social networks to stay in touch with friends and colleagues and to see entertaining and funny posts (60 per cent).