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Social media behind lack of creativity and knowledge


Dubai: Social media addiction is costing the world time, creativity and knowledge, Robin Sharma, a renowned Canadian-Indian author and leadership expert, has warned. “People are addicted to entertainment (and) their devices. People don’t practice or learn anymore; the victim loves entertainment, the leader loves education,” said Sharma, an author and leadership speaker.

“Education is inoculation against disruptions, the person who knows the most wins, especially in a world with a lot of volatility,” Sharma said at the World Government Summit (WSG) 2017. Sharma pointed that all one had to do was to find a quiet place isolated from distraction and simply focus for around 10,000 hours over time on what one wanted to become perfect at. Sharma, 51, is a writer and leadership speaker, best known for his ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ series.

“The neuro-path focused on gets stronger and stronger every single day, it’s a pharmacy of mastery,” he said. This works equally for materialising great ideas. “The seat of reasoning starts to shut down. If you go to a quiet place and focus on what you want, you go from beta to alpha, that’s when great work is done it comes from inside not from thinking.

Cortisol inducing fear hormone reduces, incidentally also when one works out sweats, and feel good serotonin is released – a state of flow,” Sharma said. According to Sharma, by doing deep interior work, meditation, long walks in the desert you create ‘soulset’ to find the power for change, the mission.

“You have to have to be authentic, passionate, caring, and honourable and have a mission to be inspired to lead. People forget your words but pick up on the sparkle in your eyes and your emotional energy,” Sharma said.