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Secrets behind Hollywood’s most steamy scenes revealed


Every famous scene of a Hollywood movie has a few secrets.

Guyism has compiled and listed some of those steamy scenes and what went behind it.

The sex comedy ‘American Pie’ had few scenes which showed Jason Biggs’ character achieve the ‘happy’ look and in order to do so prop designers had cooked a sausage, put a pencil through it and wrapped it in a foil and put it down his pants.

In the Oscar winning movie ‘Titanic’ Kate Winslet wanted Leonardo DiCaprio to feel comfortable before they started filming that scene, so she gave him a sneak peek of what was beneath her robe before the camera started rolling and it was James Cameron’s hand that actually did the sketch.

‘Wild Things’ famous threesome scene featuring Denise Richards, Matt Dillon and Neve Campbell also has a secret behind it. Three of them got a little tipsy before filming that scene in the movie and apparently they downed several shots of tequila to get in the mood.

The steamy Sharon Stone scene from the movie ‘Basic Instincts’ is reportedly the most paused movie scene in history. (ANI)

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