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Secret gestures used by Queen Elizabeth II, that will surely amuse you!!!


Till now we know that Queen Elizabeth doesn’t require a license or a passport and she owns all the dolphins and swans in the British water. We all are aware of the royal life she lives but did you know that the Queen uses a secret language to make her staff understand what she wants to say, even without giving you a hint. So next time when you watch any video about Queen Elizabeth II then concentrate on these signs and gestures.

  • When the Queen wants to end any conversation she switches her bag from one hand to another, prompting her staff to move in and usher her away.
  • When she keeps the bag on a table or floor it is a 5-minute warning to her staff that she wants to leave the place.
  • When she spins her ring it is a hint to the staff that she wants her staff to move her along. During such situation her staff would probably interrupt the conversation and inform the queen that “XYZ would like to meet you”.

That’s a smart move we say!