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Scientists discover details about dinosaur-era birds’ feather


Washington: If you are curious about the birds of dinosaur-era then there is good news as the scientists have recently discovered a new bohaiornithid bird specimen from the Early Cretaceous Period of China with remarkably preserved feathers.

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Bohaiornithid birds belonged to enantiornithes, a group of avian dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago, says ANI.

Our current knowledge of prehistoric plumage is limited, but the new findings provide valuable insights related to structure and coloration. “Many enantiornithine birds possessed ornate feathers.

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This new specimen shows that some enantiornithines also had iridescent feathers and unlike most modern birds, these flashy ornaments developed before the animal was fully grown,” said Jennifer Peteya, lead author of the Paleontology study. The story has been published in the Paleontology journal.