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Nowruz 2017: Google wishes Happy Nowruz, the Iranian New Year with a colourful Google Doodle


Google is wishing it’s users a ‘Happy Nowruz’ for 2017 with a colourful Google Doodle. Google Doodle shows butterflies flitting around spring time flowers, including hyancinths and tulips which are often used to decorate the tables during ‘Nowruz’. Users of Google Search in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and India are being served with the Google Doodle for ‘Nowruz 2017.’

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On this day known as ‘Nowruz’ that literally translates to New Day, people of different ethnic-linguistic affiliations across the world comes together to celebrate the beginning of the spring. The day is celebrated by people of Persian ancestry. ‘Nowruz’ is celebrated on the day of the vernal equinox. The celebration is a secular holiday but is holds significance for Zorastrians, and the day is considered holy in several other faiths. In India, the day is celebrated by the Parsi community.

The Parsi community everywhere celebrates the day as Jamshed Navroz which falls on the first day of the first month of Fasli calendar. The day is also marks the first day of Zoroastrian faith’s Shaheshai calendar. The festival also marks the commencement of the season of spring in the northern hemisphere. The Navroz celebrations are vibrant and colourful.

‘Nowruz’ is the time for spring cleaning is the time spring cleaning and shopping for new clothes. Parsis pay a visit to the fire temple. There are special foods made for the New Year celebrations which are found in eateries owned by the Parsis. The festival is mostly celebrated in Middle East, Western and Central Asia. ‘Nowruz’ is a public holiday in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan.