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Now, headband to help you control your dreams


Washington: A new headband claims to measure brain waves and eye movement activity to allow a sleeping person to take control of their dreams.

The headband works by determining when a person enters REM sleep – a stage of sleep characterised by rapid eye movement where dreams are more likely to occur – by measuring brain waves and eye movement activity.

Then, it emits a series of lights that will not wake up the user, but instead allow them to realise they are dreaming.

Users can then enter into a lucid dream state and control their dreams, ‘Fox News’ reported.

“The idea of lucid dreaming has been around for centuries. In this state, anything is possible: zoom through space, fight fire-breathing dragons or become president, all from the comfort and safety of your own bed!” its makers said on Kickstarter website.

Aurora headband co-founder Daniel Schoonover said lucid dreaming is also said to bring down stress levels and has been proven as an aid in stopping frequent nightmares.

“We want to improve sleep overall. Dreams are a part of sleep. We’re researching lots of other areas in where the technology can be used,” Schoonover said.

“Another interesting find is that when performing a task in a lucid dream such as playing basketball, it reinforces your natural pathways in real life,” Schoonover explained.

In other words, practice piano in your dreams and you’ll increase your ability to play in real life.