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#NoTobaccoDay: Why you need to stop smoking right now!


The anti-tobacco ads in theatres are not really helping. These ads created using sickening visuals with an aim to make people aware of the consequences of smoking and help them get rid of it. Then there are several faces of oral cancer patients and lungs filled with tar. These lessons are clearly ignored by smokers and not even acknowledged by smokers. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting also came up with advertisements with our so-called Bollywood idols to create anti-tobacco awareness. But all in vain. We should admit that despite several efforts, India has failed miserably to compel the anti-tobacco and smoke-free laws.

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day we bring to you 10 valid reasons to make you stop smoking right now. Making you to realise ‘now’ is the correct time to quit smoking. Here you go:

  • The first impact is indicated within as early as 30 minutes after the last cigarette. Heart rate and blood pressure are usually high while you smoke. Both begin to drop to normal level and with two hours blood circulation also improves.
  • 15 hours after you quit smoking, the carbon monoxide drops to lower levels taking the oxygen in your blood to normal level. Carbon monoxide is release when you smoke tobacco and is inhaled with the cigarette smoke, preventing the cells to bond with the oxygen.
  • A day without smoking lowers the chances of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), commonly detected heart disease in smokers.
  • Smoking also has a severe impact on the ability to smell and taste. Two days after you quit smoking you will find that the food you eat tastes better and also the sense of smell is back.
  • Third day is the difficult phase. It is when you actually go through some serious physical and emotional symptoms – depression, anxiety, headache, nausea, sweating. If you are successful in passing this phase then you deserve a ‘treat’.
  • Few months after being in the no-smoking zone, you will realise coughing and shortness of breath is vanished.
  • A year after you turn ‘non-smoker’ your chances to attract any heart disease drops to fifty per cent.
  • ‘No smoking’ also has several financial benefits. You will save all the money you used to spend on cigarettes and can buy something much better.
  • Non-smokers have less chances of getting affected by cataracts thyroid, dementia, hearing loss and muscular degeneration, among others.
  • It also has some cosmetic benefits – stained teeth getting whiter, nails no longer will look yellow, fewer skin wrinkles and more.

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