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Not to be missed! How Earth looks from Mars


New York: NASA’s Curiosity rover on red planet has snapped its first view of Earth – with the Moon shining nearby – from the surface of Mars.

The image makes Earth look minuscule if seen from other planets!

Earlier, the most famous photograph of Earth from space was ‘Pale Blue Dot’ view captured by NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft in 1990.

The Curiosity rover used the left-eye camera to get this striking image.

It first watched the Martian sunset then photographed Earth, said a NASA press release.

“A human observer with normal vision, if standing on Mars, could easily see Earth and the moon as two distinct, bright ‘evening stars’,” said NASA officials.

The Mars rover got this image during its 529th day on the Martian surface.

The $2.5 billion rover has been exploring the vast Gale Crater on Mars since August 2012.