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New NASA smartphone game lets you grow plants on ISS!


Washington: NASA has launched a gaming app that allows you to virtually float around the International Space Station (ISS), meet the crew and even grow plants using your smartphone. In the game “Space Science Investigations: Plant Growth,” players have to first how to navigate in the ISS’s micro-gravity environment, or “zero-g” , says PTI.

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This includes getting to do flips and ‘fly’ around the space station. Users can then strike up a conversation with the astronaut and ISS crew member Naomi, who explains to the game’s leading mission: experimental plant growth.

Players gain an understanding of the issues that micro gravity presents for growing plants, such as how they can be watered without gravity, ‘Slash Gear’ reported.

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NASA has long worked at growing plants in a low gravity environment, which is considered necessary for providing food during long duration flights such as to Mars, as well as in habitation pods on other planets. ISS researchers have already had some success, such as growing red romaine lettuce and the flower Zinnia.