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Navratri 2018: When and which colour to wear during the 9-day festival



Navratri is around the corner and devotees are prepping up to celebrate the festival with great fervour and enthusiasm. There is a lot of planning to be done before the festival begins. Shops are already running out of their latest trends. After all, we all want to look fabulous during the festive season, don’t we? If you are among those creatures who believe in making a fashion statement then it’s time for you to act. To start with, you need to choose the correct Navratri colours. Here’s an insight into each day of the nine-day festival.

Day 1: October 10 (Wednesday)
Colour: Royal Blue

Day 2: October 11 (Thursday)
Colour: Yellow

Day 3: October 12 (Friday)
Colour: Green

Day 4: October 13 (Saturday)
Colour: Grey

Day 5: October 14 (Sunday)
Colour: Orange

Day 6: October 15 (Monday)
Colour: White

Day 7: October 16 (Tuesday)
Colour: Red

Day 8: October 17 (Wednesday)
Colour: Sky Blue

Day 9: October 18 (Thursday)
Colour: Pink

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