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Mumbai youth creates Snapchat spoof ‘SlapChat’ and it’s hilarious!



After Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel allegedly termed India as a ‘poor country’ earlier this week, patriotism invoked in all the Indian Snapchat users. Thousands of miffed users uninstalled the multimedia mobile app dropping the rating to ‘one-star’. And soon #boycottsnapchat started trending on Twitter with people criticizing the app and the founder.

Amidst all the criticism and installing, a 27-year-old Mumbaikar, Joshua Fernandes, has a unique style to teach the CEO a lesson. Fernandes has created a unique app that has Evan Spiegel’s picture on the screen and once the user touches the screen, there comes a tight slap in the CEO face. Now that’s what ‘Slapchat’ literally means.

While speaking to a youth website, Fernandes said that he has no bad feelings against Spiegel and has created the app just for fun.