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London tops world’s most expensive city list


London: London has become the most expensive country in the world, a new survey has found.

According to Expatistan’s annual Cost of Living Index, London was a surprise as it usurped Oslo as the most expensive city in the world.

Geneva and Zurich, habitually featuring at the top of such lists, ranked third and fourth respectively.

According to the Local, Lausanne in Switzerland was ranked sixth with residents often complaining of the city’s unaffordable prices.

The city joins Geneva and Zurich among the ten most expensive in the world.

New York City in fifth place, Singapore in seventh place, Paris in eighth place, San Francisco in ninth place and Copenhagen in tenth place in this year’s most expensive cities list.

The survey analyzed prices of items ranging from fast-food to accommodation prices, eggs and found that Lausanne cost a whopping 225 percent more than they would in Moscow.

The top 10 ranking are as follows:

1 London (United Kingdom)

2 Oslo (Norway)

3 Geneva (Switzerland)

4 Zurich (Switzerland)

5 New York City (United States)

6 Lausanne (Switzerland)

7 Singapore (Singapore)

8 Paris (France)

9 San Francisco (United States)

10 Copenhagen (Denmark)