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Labrador dogs most likely to bite you



London: Dog lovers, take note! Your family favourite labrador is the breed of canines which is most likely to bite you, new UK research has found. Men are more likely to be bitten than women, and almost one third of incidents involve delivery workers and postal staff, the research by pet insurers Animal Friends in the UK found, reports PTI.

“Dogs are really good at picking up on people and they remember everything, so the best advice is to make friends with them rather than enemies,” said Roger Mugford, an animal psychologist.

According to the research, labradors are responsible for the highest number of canine attack personal injury claims, ‘the Independent’ reported. The findings also showed that other breeds most frequently linked with attacks are German shepherds, Staffordshire bull terriers and border collies. Common injuries caused by canine attacks include finger amputations, scarring