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Krishna Paksha Ekadashi: All you must know


According to Hindu calendar, Ekadashi is observed on every 11th day. This year it was fall on 22nd April, which is known as big Ekadashi. It’s called as Krishna Paksha, and is observed as Ekadashi fasting to seek a blessing. Devotees keep a strict fast on Ekadashi and break on next day after sunrise. Foods like grains and cereals are prohibited during fasting. You can’t even eat rice on that day, whether it is your fast or not.

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The devotees should decide before whether they are keeping fast without water, or with water. Only fruits can be taken or one time food. According to Puranas, this day is as blessed as the virtue of ‘kanyadan’ of a girl.

Time of Ekadashi

Varuthini Ekadashi vrat date – 22nd April 2017 (Saturday) – Krishna Paksha Ekadashi

Parana Time = 13:37 to 16:13 on 23rd April, 2017

On Parana Day Hari Vasara End Moment = 09:40

Vaishnava Varuthini Ekadashi date = 23/04/2017 – Krishna Paksha Ekadashi

Parana Time for Vaishnava Ekadashi = 05:51 to 08:27 on 24th April, 2017

On Parana Day, Dwadashi would be over before sunrise

Ekadashi time begins = 04:54 on 22nd April, 2017

Ekadashi time ends = 04:04 on 23rd April, 2017

History behind Varuthini Ekadashi

According to Padmapuran, a king named Mandhata was once absorbed in penance. That time a bear came to the king and started chewing his feet. The king did not reply because he was in Lord Vishnu’s penance. After that bear began to drag the king to a forest. The king started praying for help from Lord Vishnu.

After some time, Lord Vishnu appeared and cut the head of bear and said to him, now you go to Mathura and worship Varaha Avatar. Your feet will be well soon.

Do’s and don’ts on Varuthini Ekadashi

According to Shastras, those who keep Ekadashi fast, they should be virtuous. The person who is not taking this fast should avoid garlic, onion, eggplant, beef, betel-nut, and tobacco on this day.

The person who keeps the fast should start meditation of Lord Vishnu in the mind from the day of Dasami and should remove himself from work, pleasure, luxury, and also avoiding the consumption of radish, masoor dal.