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Illogical Superstition: Black cat crossing street to not cutting nails after sunset; 7 beliefs that are followed blindly


Most of the Indians don’t believe in logic and continue to follow what they are taught since childhood. And one of the illogical things is ‘superstition’, there are tons of superstitions which Indian culture have and half the population follows it with out any logic. Only In India people think crows excreta is lucky for them, and it gets more weird as we proceed, so in this feature we bring to you some of the superstitions which don’t make sense, but we Indians blindly follow.

If a black cat crosses your way, then it is unlucky

 The poor cats are the victim of racism, nothing else but racism, just because they are black in colour they are discriminated against. It is believed that if a black cat crosses your path you are doomed, it is a common belief among Indian people. But this is not the reason to it for the west, the origin of this superstition came from Egypt. Indian’s, however, believe that black represents Shani and therefore brings bad luck.

Don’t sweep floors in the evening, if you do it takes away Laxmi (money) from home

In that case entire sweepers from the offices in India should be given an off in evening. The belief is that Goddess Laxmi visits your home in the evening (specifically around 6-7 pm), and therefore sweeping will drive her away. We are not sure but it looks like Goddess Laxmi has problem with basic hygiene.

OMG! Crow excreta brings money and luck

How could some waste can bring money without doing anything, if that is possible than people should stop working and sit under trees. The common belief in India is that crow excreta brings ‘Laabh’ which is lucky.

Adding Rs 1 to a gift

One is said to be a lucky number, so the shagun must have one rupee in it. Gyarah rupees ka prasad or giving Rs 101 in an envelope at the Indian wedding.

Please don’t shake your legs, you will lose your wealth

It is believed that if you shake your legs, prosperity will flow away from you. Now I got it why I am left with no money at the end of the month. And the poor? They probably are perennially are shaking their legs.

Go and take a bath after returning from funeralabducted girl, mumbai, nalasopara, Gujarat, Navsari station, girl found dead, crime,

It is quite common, and we have seen our parents telling us to take bath after returning from funeral. But the reason for taking bath is to prevent infection from the dead body as one can attract disease.

Don’t cut nails after sunset

Our ancestors used to cut their nails in sunlight, as there was no electricity in night and they never used nail clippers which could hurt them. This legacy has continued till today, even though we have electricity.