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How to de-stress yourself weeks before board exams


With HSC examination around the corner and SSC approaching fast, anxiety is riding higher than usual. Burdened with ridiculously high expectations and the mounting pressure to come out of examination center with nothing but  a perfect 10, students are finding it harder than ever to lay back and let things take their natural course. Owing to our education system that puts high-scorers on a custom-plated pedestal, it is inevitable to not fret over the future prospects of not scoring ‘well-enough’. Keeping in mind the thoughts of every exam taker weeks before the test, following are the tips to help shrug the load off your shoulders and remain largely sane during that difficult time of your life.

1) Don’t be shy of investing in sleep:

While the idea of pulling all-nighter is supremely enticing, the effect it has on efficiency of brain when needed the most is concretely negative. A good night sleep with power naps during the daytime is a prerequisite for harboring a functional brain; the sort that won’t leave you to fend for yourself while you’re trying to summon up  why an apple falls straight to the ground.


2) Remember, You are not under house arrest:

Go out. Take a walk alone. Laugh with your friends. Annoy your family with incessant sniveling about anything under the sun. Get it out of your system. Working yourself in frenzy by being in same place throughout day and night won’t do you any good. Give your mind and body the much-needed distraction. What more, a break will help you reinstate your focus and concentration. So next time, don’t feel guilty about taking a time out.


3) Don’t starve, eat healthy:

There is no denying the fact that a healthy diet paves the way for healthy mind. What, when and how you eat has a lasting effect on your physical and mental performance. Believe me; you do not want to fall short of success because you were too busy shushing the angry stomach growls. Overlooking food is never a recipe to a stress free pre- exam week.


4) Do stuff that relaxes you:

Dance, exercise, prepare a bubble bath, go out for a movie, anything!  Whatever floats your boat and keeps your nerves in check, do it. You won’t even have trouble figuring out what unwinds you during the final week. Because really, every other darn thing looks so much more interesting than your syllabus.


5) Amidst all, don’t you forget to study.

Plan a study schedule and stick to it. You don’t want to keep all the reading for the final day before exam. Cover a little bit of ground everyday of the week.  Doing so, you won’t have to relocate all of the discarded pockets of stress of the week to a single final day. Remember to work and play, every single day.