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Holi 2017: 5 Gujiya Recipes you have to try!


Holi is right around the corner and what better way to start the celebrations than make delicious gujiyas at home. Gujiya, a traditional Holi sweet, loves prepared in millions of households across Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and now even in Maharashtra. It is more popular sweet in North India, but this uncommon sweet dumpling is not an uncommon sweet. Every culture’s have their own regional variations with different monikers.

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Gujiyas is of course a pan-India festive special. Very much alike Samosa, Gujiya is prepared with an outer dough casing usually maida, some recipe adds semolina and other flours. The filling of Gujiya is made with khoya, dry fruits and nuts like pistachio, cashew, and raisins along with some spices like cardamom. The sweet dumplings are then deep-fried in ghee and dipped in sugar syrup before serving.

There are different variations in the normal recipe with cooks and residential cooks giving it innovative twists. While some are including chocolates in it and roasted coconut, there are people who are attempting it to more healthy methods of creating gujiyas by baking them. This ‘Festival of color’, we have brought you five favourite gujiya recipe.

Conventional Gujiya

Conventional Gujiya

This sweet dumpling is made with maida (refined flour) and full of pleasant combination of Khya and dry fruits earlier than being deep fried until crisp.

Chocolate Gujiya

Chocolate Gujiya Recipe in Hindi


Adding chocolate in the favourite Holi sweet, gives it a complete makeover. Sweet dumplings are made of maida filled a mixture of Khoya and chocolate chips, deep fried in ghee and finally topped with freshly made chocolate syrup. This one is for all the chocolate lovers!

Coconut gujiya

Coconut gujiya

Holi celebrations are incomplete without the conventional dumplings. Khoya, mava, coconut and pistachio are stuffed in the maida pockets, fried and then dipped in the sugar syrup. These gujiyas have longer shelf life then other gujiyas. Adding coconut, gives this traditional Holi sweet a fascinating twist.

Chocolate Hazelnut Gujiya

Chocolate Hazelnut Gujiya

Make the normal gujiya with extra rice and decadent this Holi with added flavours chocolate and hazelnut. This is another recipe for the kids.

Baked gujiya


We all love the gujiya we have grown up eating and also relate it strongly with the festival of colors. However if you are want a break from the traditional gujiyas then one should try this recipe. Made entirely with wheat and semolina dough parcels are filled with almonds and raisins, baked until golden and dipped in honey.