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Get ready for biggest light show in the sky


New York: The stage is set for one of the brightest light show ever in our universe.

The NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has focused its eyes on a dying star that is about to self destruct as a blazing supernova any day now.

Billed as SBW1, this star is located 20,000 light-years from earth and features an enigmatic double-ringed planetary nebula.

The rings are gases that have been blasted from the outermost layers of the blue supergiant star in the nebula’s core.

The star is going through its final death throes before a supernova is initiated.

For people on earth, there is nothing to worry as the supernova would be a safe distance from us.

SBW1 can explode any day, said the scientists. But in cosmic time scales, this could mean tomorrow or a thousand years from now!