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Dog owners have more friends, cat owners likely to be single


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Washington: Dog owners are likely to have more friends and be in relationships as compared to cat keepers, a new study of Facebook profiles has found, says PTI. Researchers at Facebook studied 160,000 profiles on the social networking website of users in the US who shared photos of cats, dogs or both. They found that on average, dog people (those who own dogs) have 26 more Facebook friends than cat people.

However, cat people get invited to more events. Researchers found that cat people tend to be friends with other cat people and dog people with other dog people. Specifically, cat people are 2.2 times more likely to befriend other cat people when compared to randomly chosen friends from the general population, researchers said.

However, that does not mean they are averse to dog people – they also befriend 1.8 times as many dog-people friends. The corresponding ratios for dog people are elevated but not as high as for cat people: dog people befriend 1.8 times as many dog people as random, and 1.6 times as many cat people as random.

Based on the relationship status mentioned on profiles, researchers found that cat people are more likely to be single than dog people. About 30 per cent of cat people are single, compared to just 24 per cent of dog people.

Cat people seem to enjoy indoor activities: they disproportionately like books, TV, and movies (measured in terms of Facebook Page likes). And they are especially fond of fantasy and sci-fi, while dog people like love stories. Researchers found that overall, cat people seem to express a wider variety of feelings on the site. On the other hand, dog people are more likely to express excitement or pride.