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Boundary Line : Reel life and Real life


Virat Kohli

Real life and Reel life is always so different, they say. The story of Umar Draz, a tailor by profession from Okara district of Peshawar province from Pakistan is not different in any way. He has learnt this in a very hard way.

We say world is a global village today, but the ground realities have not changed. We have a Bajrangi Bhaijaan who put his life at stake for a kid who could not even speak, takes care of the kid and vows for the safe return to Pakistan. He never hides to be an Indian, in fact tells that on every opportunity and still could enter in the Pakistan territory without a passport and visa. He accomplishes the mission and comes back to India riding on the love wave of citizen of both the countries. Turn on to Real life from the Reel and Umar Draz goes to jail for his love of Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. Hippocratic. Who?

There have been many scholars advocating the cricket diplomacy. Playing more and more cricket matches to ease out the tension between India and Pakistan. Cricket, as one can see easily is clearly passion for the Indians as well as Pakistanis. But is it wrong to adore, follow a sportsperson who is not from your own country?

Can an Indian not like a Tyson, ABD, Federer or for that matter Imran Khan or Wasim Akram? Difficult question to answer, if you are in Pakistan. Umar Draz, who is a die-hard fan of Virat Kohli, hoisted Indian flag on his home after India’s win over Australia on 26th January as his hero Kohli scored 90 runs in that match. This has led the 22 year in to big big trouble.

We can understand that love for a sport and rules of the Nation can be two different things. Umar Draz must have been carried away by the performance of Kohli so much so that he forgot the rules and hoisted the Indian flag atop his house. What he did is certainly wrong as per the rules written in the books of Pakistan. But still the punishment he got for worshiping Kohli looks harsh.

The action taken against Umar is as per the section 123-A of the Paksitan Penal Code and it says a maximum jail sentence of 10 years. Still Umar was handed 10 years. Umar’s repeted pleas that he did all this just out of love for Kohli felt on deaf ears. The ‘evidence’ collected from his house in the form of posters of Kohli too support what he claims. But nothing went right for this young man.

Time for young men like Umar to change the idols?