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Aus man lets internet name his baby girl!


Melbourne: An Australian man has set up a website to allow people to vote for his daughter’s first and middle names.

Stephen McLaughlin, a web developer, created the website called, where netizens can vote for their favourite name for the baby which is due on April 2.

“My name is Stephen and much to the disbelief of my wife, I have decided to let the internet name my daughter,” he said on the website.

However, the final decision to name the baby lies with the parents.

“Unfortunately internet I know better than to trust you. We will ultimately be making the final decision. Alas, my daughter shall not be named WackyTaco692,” he said.

Currently, the top combination according to highest number of votes is Amelia Mae. The other leading names include Cthulhu for a first name and All-Spark for a middle name. Other wacky suggestions for a first name include Streetlamp, Pancake, Moose, Wednesday, Yolo and Spiderman.

McLaughlin said he was sitting on the end of his bed after coming home from work one day when the idea hit him, ‘’ reported.

He told his wife that he was going to ask the internet to name their daughter.

“She was supportive right from the start. I think at first she didn’t think I was actually going to do it. But once the domain was registered she knew it was real,” he said.