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5 times Shobha De proved that she was the Queen Bee of controversies!


shobha de

Controversies favourite child Shobha De turns 70 today. She is a writer, columnist, journalist and social commentator. Fair enough. But that doesn’t give her the right to say anything about anybody. She has a penchant for stoking controversies. De has landed herself in controversies due to her silly comments, posts, and articles. She has made several gaffes on social media for which she has been slammed, every time hitting a new low. Here are 5 instances which prove Shobha De is the synonym for controversies.

When she fat-shamed a policeman
De poked fun at a policeman on microblogging site Twitter, she believed to be a Mumbai Police personnel. The socialite tweeted, ‘Heavy bandobast in Mumbai today,’ accompanied by a picture of a policeman Daulatram Jogewat.

This tweet by De didn’t go well with the Mumbai Police, who gave it back politely, “We love puns too Ms De but this one is totally imisplaced. Uniform/official, not ours. We expect better from responsible citizens like you.”

While reacting to De’s tweet, Daulatram (Madhya Pradesh Police personnel) expressed his displeasure saying his obesity was a result of hormonal disorder and it was a medical condition. Soon after the incident, the police personnel left for Mumbai to undergo a medical check-up.

When she called Maharashtra CM a ‘diktatwala’
Back in 2015, when Maharashtra government’s order to play Marathi films during the prime time had not gone well with many, including Shobha De, she voiced her displeasure on Twitter. She posted, “Devendra ‘Diktatwala’ Fadnavis is at it again!!! From beef to movies. This is not the Maharashtra we all love! Nako!Nako! Yeh sab roko!”

In her next tweet, she posted, “No more popcorn at multiplexes in Mumbai? Dahi misal and vada pav only. To go better with the Marathi movies at prime time .”

Soon after the writer expressed her displeasure in tweets, Shiv Sena legislator Pratap Sarnaik moved a breach of privilege motion against her. He said, “She has insulted the Marathi-speaking people and those who go to watch Marathi films, she should apologise or I would go ahead with the breach of privilege motion against her.” To which she replied, “Now a privilege motion demanding an apology from me? Come on! I am a proud Maharashtrian and love Marathi films. Always have. Always will !”

When she claimed she ate beef
An activist filed a complaint against Ms De after she tweeted she ate beef. She tweeted, ‘I just ate beef. Come and murder me.’ The activist wrote to the commissioner of police of Navi Mumbai to take action against her. Twitterati trolled her and many said her tweet was an insult to Hinduism.

When she called Sonam ‘a lassie who lacks oomph’
In 2010, in a review of Punit Malhotra’s directorial debut ‘I Hate Luv storys’ featuring Sonam Kapoor and Imran Khan, De wrote on her blog that Sonam Kapoor is ‘a lassie who lacks oomph’. Taking a dig at the movie she tweeted, ‘I Hate Dumb Storys’. The feisty actress responded on the microblogging site by tweeting, “Guys, please don’t take Shobhaa De seriously. She’s a fossil who’s getting no action and going through menopause. So just for her.”

When she felt Olympics are a waste of money and opportunity
In 2016, India’s tour of Rio has been a tad disappointing with no medals to show after three days of competition. The country’s mood was at a low and to make it worse, De tweeted, ‘Goal of Team India at the Olympics: Rio jao. Selfies lo. Khaali haat wapas aao. What a waste of money and opportunity.’

While this didn’t go with the Twitter junta who united to slam De for her insensitive comments.