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5 eco-friendly and cool ways to celebrate Holi



Holi is not just about drenching colours, the festival of colours is also about love, joy, happiness and care. It is the festival where the atmosphere is filled with mischief, people immerse in colours and gorge on Holi special delicacies. If playing with colours and water is your idea of playing Holi in a fun way? Well, these pichkaris and water balloons do more harm than fun. Not to forget the efforts and pain you go through the post the celebration to get rid of those colour. Why bother the mother nature for our celebration? Let’s stop the exploitation of nature by choosing to play Holi in an organic way. We have curated a list of alternate ways to play Holi.

Holi ke Rang, Phoolon ke Sangh!
Flower Holi

Considering the fact that Holi is incomplete without colours, playing it with flowers is the best option. It is the best alternative for those harmful chemical colours. Once you are done with celebration collect it and dump it around trees, which after a specific duration decompose in the soil as a fertiliser.

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Tilak Holi
Tilak Holi

Move over your wet-o-wild Holi and embrace a dry-and-delightful festival by opting for the Tilak Holi. It is the most simple and convenient way to celebrate the festival by just applying tilak on the forehead. This will save the tons of water used for celebration and later for cleaning and will also keep the environment clean.

Organic Holi rang
Holi colours
If you cannot imagine the celebration without colours then go for a dry and delightful Holi minus pichkaris, water and water balloons. Use organic colours to sprinkle on people. Using organic colours will not only help to lessen the damage on the environment but also on your skin and hair.

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Make your own colours
Making colours at home comes with several benefits such as it is safe on skin and hair, saves money and it brings out the creative person in you. Here’s our quick guide to making colours at home.
Yellow: Use turmeric powder or gram flour for a bright yellow colour. Both are used in face-pack and hence will only help your skin glow. You can also use dry marigold flower powder.
Red: Use Sandalwood powder or powder dry hibiscus flower for red colour.
Green: Use Henna powder for a beautiful green colour. Don’t worry about Henna leaving colour as it only leaves colour when it is wet. You can also use dry leaves and crush it in fine powder for the green colour.
Other: If you fancy different colours, get flowers of the different colours and powder dry it.

Holi party
Holi party

Instead of celebrating Holi with colours and water, focus on delicious food. Organise a food party and have a Holi special food on your menu, from puran poli and gujiyas. Since bhang is an important part of the celebration try ‘bhang’ infused delicacies. Keep the Holi playlist handy and shake a leg. If this is not enough, try theme-based parties.