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Shah Rukh Khan once again did #AskSRK Twitter session and it was filled with witty replies; Check out


No matter what happens, Shah Rukh Khan will not be the King of Bollywood but also King of wit. The superstar is not only a charming personality onscreen but off-screen too. His witty and sarcastic comebacks have always been loved by fans and it is clearly seen on social media platforms. The superstar, every now and then, holds #AskSRK session where he answers fan questions, gives me advice and also has some witty replies to try to sass him.

Here are some moments from #AskSRK session that prove he is outrageously funny:

When he gave an update about his little man AbRam Khan

When he had a perfect response to a fan when she asked him to meet her

When Shah Rukh Khan had the wittiest reply to a fan who spotted him wearing the same shirt again

When he gave an update on his birthday celebration

When he was at peak of witty reply

When SRK wished all of his fans for the exams

When he talked about what is his motivation

And again with the witty replies

When he gave an update on Ted Talks season 2

When he updated on how Zero has shaped up

When someone has asked him how is he so cold and hot at the same time

When one got to know about his beverage choice

When someone asked him to get him a date with an actress

When age factor came in the conversation

When he ended the session with a lovely selfie