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Make your move…


Study reveals the most impressive dance moves for women

London: Ladies, take note! Swinging hips and syncing with the beat may be the key to impressing people when you hit the dance floor, according to a new study which unveiled the most desirable dancing moves.

For the study by University of Northumbria in the UK, 39 women were recorded dancing to a 125-beat-per-minute drum-based rhythm using motion-capture technology.

They were then turned into avatars to disguise their features and remove the possibility of judgements on how tall, attractive or well-dressed the individuals were.

The 15 second-clips were then shown to 57 men and 143 women – all heterosexual and over the age of 18 – in an online study. The participants were then asked to rate the dancing on a scale of one to seven.

The findings suggest that hip-swinging and keeping synchronised with the beat of the music is considered to be desirable, ‘The Guardian’ reported. “The other things were movements of the arms and thighs. We actually found that the more asymmetric movements were better,” said Nick Neave, a psychologist from the University of Northumbria.

The research follows a previous work by the team which looked into male dance, concluding that men who tilted and twisted their necks and torsos in a variety of moves were deemed by others to be good dancers. The study was published in the journal Scientific Reports.