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Yeddy to resign from politics?



After arm- twisting the BJP and adopting occasional blackmailing tactics, former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa is now planning to take to political alt39 sanyasalt39. In an emotional speech soaked in tea

rs at a convention in his hometown Shimoga, Yeddyurappa said he would prefer retiring from politics than continue jobless after losing the trust and respect of the people.

” I am thinking whether to continue in politics, as I feel I have lost the love and respect of the people,” he said on Sunday.

The alt145 disgracedalt39BJP leader said that he would not continue in politics if the people think he had breached the trust they had reposed in him.

While remembering the past, Yeddyurappa got highly emotional and lost his composure. With tears flowing down his cheek, he alleged that he was sent to jail on baseless allegations by the forces conspiring against him.

” No other chief minister has suffered so much as I did. However, I am satisfied with the development projects that I have launched during my tenure as chief minister,” he said.

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