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Vishal Jadon: A genius and a patriot


Ujjain: It is said that genius are born once in a while however when a genius turn into a patriot then a country’s prosperity and integrity is assured. Vishal Jadon, an Ujjainite, truly falls into that category. Though he belongs to a non-engineering background nevertheless this man has incredible knack of conjuring up many state-of-the-art and advanced innovations with minimal resources which are labeled as junk otherwise. Free Press spoke to him as he opened his heart about many issues including his inventions. Excerpts from the interview:-

Tell us about your inventions?

I have made a security system through which a thief can be caught within seconds of committing theft or stealing objects. Since this system can be fully synced with mobile phones hence if a burglar breaks into a shop, house or building then breach will be notified in due time to user resulting in his arrest.

What prompted you to devise these ingenious innovations?

My father has served Indian army for more than 14 years. He was a proud Indian and true servant of our motherland. I grew up watching him safeguard our frontiers and talking endlessly about protecting our country against foreign assaults. Such invigorating narrative was enough to sow seeds of nationalism and patriotism in my mind. It galvanized my inner-self to come up with such bundle of creativity.

What other systems have you developed recently, tell us more about those?

Recently, I have come up with a security system for border areas of our country which forewarns our security and defense establishments in advance about the possible attacks and infiltration bids by terrorists. For this initiative Prime Minister Narendra Modi patted my back and forwarded it to department of science and technology for due diligence and further deliberation. Though its results are awaited however I am pretty much optimistic and convinced that it will get past every test. Besides this, I have also designed and developed a multi-alarm-system to avert water logging or flood like situation resulting from incessant rains. Being very portable and concise it can be installed in any house, shop or building.

It is said that every benign work is bound to hit obstacle course. Is your case different?

Of course not: It’s has been 4.5 years since I devised this system. Files are moving at a snail’s pace in various government departments and organisations and I have been running around them in a circle endlessly. I had also applied for M.P government’s ‘Maharana Pratap Shorya Rajya Purskar’ but for some unknown reasons it is being continually deferred for three years in a row. I have also lodged a complaint over CM helpline for its redressal but it seems that it has caught up in red-tapism and bureaucratic maze nonetheless I have not given up yet.

How do you swallow such bitter experiences and what keeps you motivated and energized?

I feel I am a proud Indian and take pride on myself for having taken birth on this holy land. I believe that if I could pay back even an iota of what this country has given me, I would be happy and more than content. I think selflessness and passion for doing something distinct and extra-ordinary is what keeps me going. Not to mention that, my near and dear ones keep applauding and admiring my creations which stimulate my creativity even more.

How do you think your creations would benefit the nation?

I want to dedicated these gadgetries to the nation, herein I would not charge a single penny for this. My innovations are purely non-commercial in nature and entirely for nation’s cause. Needless to say, such discoveries will help prosper and add glory to our country’s warfare weaponry and arsenal.