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Viral cases on rise due to weather fluctuation


Ujjain : With the weather fluctuation and temperatures going bouncy the city is seeing rise in cases of viral fever and gastric problems.

While experts say that the spread of viral fever at this time is mostly due to air-borne causes, the prevalence of water-borne infections can’t also be ruled out altogether. In the New Year reportage of cases has increased, the prevalence of the problem is unlikely to subside till temperature settles. While the OPD at the Civil Hospital has at least 50 viral patients per day, reports across private hospitals also say every day, a number of patients with seasonal cough, cold or body aches along with temperatures are being reported in big numbers.

Civil Surgeon Dr NK Trivedi said, this season is typically known for the prevalence of viral fever, but certainly there has been a great rise in the people suffering from the ailment owing to the inconsistent weather as well. The two most common types of viral fever include influenza viral, which lasts for almost six to seven days, and coryza viral, a low-intensity viral. Dr Trivedi said, these days not only viral but bacterial fever is also common in the city. Bacterial fever, which includes sore throat and for which antibiotics are required, is associated with tonsillitis.

But for viral fever, doctors prescribe only symptomatic treatment for body ache, fever or for vomiting. Everyday at least 50 of the patients reporting to the OPD are those suffering from viral fever. In most of the cases, the fever is accompanied by a dramatic decrease in the platelet count of the patient. Of the patients admitted to the hospital wards, any day, at least five to six are viral patients. It is estimated that until November kicks in, the cases are going to pour in.

Another city base physician Dr Naresh Purohit said, Deteriorating hygiene and consumption of contaminated water is also one of the causes of the spread of fever. Almost every locality has loads of viral patients and in a majority of the cases, it is characterised by decrease in the platelet count. While majority of the people have water purifiers at their homes, these days the real problem occurs when people used to consuming very pure water at homes, drink contaminated water or drinks outside their homes. The primary requirements are keeping your homes and surroundings clean and maintaining body as well as food hygiene.