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With his first film, alt39 Valentine Nightalt39 set for release, journo turned director Kumar Badal seems to be in the seventh haven. Ba

sed on the subject of love, true love, as the debutant director insists, the film will have Payal Rohatgi and her beau ace wrestler Sangram Singh. We caught with the director to talk more… on love, relationships and obvious tiffs.

From creating Tehelka to directing films, how was the experience? I always wanted to direct films. It was indeed a great learning experience. I am sure that the film will do well because we have our own niche audience marked out.

Why Payal Rohatgi as the lead? Was it her image as the sex symbol that you were planning to cash on? When Payal and I met for the first

time I realised that she fits the character perfectly. She looks very different in person. Also with this film, I am sure this role will be instrumental in giving her an image change. She has never been so impressive on screen, both while performing as well as showcasing her persona with elegance.

Is your view same for controversial queen Rakhi Sawant… All said and done people down the north love to watch Rakhis latkajhatkas, and the foot tapping number on which she has sizzled will surely be admired by her lovers and fans.

Rakhi has performed exuberantly well.

Two controversial stars, arenalt39t you a wee bit worried? I am confident about the huge box office collection. However the theme of my film is different and its also shot authentically. My film is out and out a masala film. Besides, in todays times when films with big wigs do not fare well at the box office, this is a risk I am willing to take.

How hot is alt39 Valentine Nightalt39? The film is not about sex and hotness.

Its about romantic inclinations and about couples in love. When you will see the film, you will realise that the onus is on sending a good message.

We have not cared much about sex etc. Payal did not have to bare it at all. Sex could be a biological need but everything in life has to have its place. I have tried to depict this romantic tale with much sincerity.

Unnecessary sex sequences can never be appreciated even by those who may enter the theatres craving for sex. Indian audiences care for emotions more than anything else.