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US officials, Taliban meet in Qatar for talks


New York: In a major policy shift, US officials have held direct talks with Taliban representatives in Qatar, with discussions centered around release of the Afghan militant groups prisoners from Guantanamo, a move that also has Pakistans ” tacit approval”, PTI reports citing a New York Times report.

Between four to eight Taliban negotiators traveled to Qatar from Pakistan to set up a political office.

Preliminary discussions with American officials are believed to have focused on ” trust- building measures”, including the possible prisoner transfer, a New York Times report quoted former Taliban officials as saying.

The Taliban team in Qatar includes a former secretary to the Taliban leader Mullah Muhammad Omar, as well as several former officials of the Taliban government.

Former Taliban officials are not yet calling the discussions peace talks.

” Currently there are no peace talks going on,” former minister of vice and virtue for the Taliban Maulavi Qalamuddin said in the report.