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Ujjain: Yoga at Ujjainites’ doorstep is Pankaj Sharma’s pet project


Ujjain: We often hear doctors are true angels as they save lives. However, there are many who are tirelessly engaged in similar endeavour without having pursued a medical education.

Meet Pankaj Sharma, an avid yoga practitioner. He is keen to share and disseminate the knowledge about yoga far and wide so that everyone learns to stay healthy. His wife Mahak Sharma and 9-year-old son Lakshya Sharma too are avid followers and even act as teachers of this exercise form.

Speaking about his love for yoga, Sharma said, “Way back in 2000, I chanced upon a book related to Yoga and learnt about various yoga postures and their benefits. My interest about learning and practicing them kept growing by the day. My passion towards mastering this regime was so overwhelming that I went through every information or material related to Yoga. Eventually, I realized that formal education in yoga is a must. Hence, I did my postgraduate diploma in Yoga and Naturotherapy.”

About his wife and son, he said, “By almighty grace my family is chugging along with me in this exquisite journey. Even as a toddler, Lakshya used to keenly watch me practice yoga. While growing up he evinced interest in learning it. I decided to formally usher him into yoga after he attained the age of six. It was quite easier to convince my better-half into learning yoga as she had seen several practitioners reaping the benefit of this exercise form.”

Talking about benefits of yoga, he said, “Reduced stress level, improved digestion, weight control, blood pressure and sugar control are among the many benefits. Besides, it also ensures a hale and hearty body and mind.”

Sharing his plan of taking yoga to younger generation and the public at large, he said, “We are doing our bit. We organize workshops and session across public, private, political and social platforms for free. I along with my wife and son have been to many schools, police department, political establishments, Central Jail and other organizations. During Simhastha Fair-2016, we imparted training to 25,000 police personnel for better health and stress management. We are hopeful that slowly and surely we will bring a refreshing change and turn our society into a healthier one.”

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