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Ujjain: Summer sports catching up with youngsters


Ujjain: With the advent of summer vacations students have started practicing their preferred sports like karate, cricket, basketball, football, swimming etc. Girls are showing more interest than boys in summer sports coaching activities.

Most of the sports grounds of the city including Mahananda Nagar, Dussehra Maidan, Ksheer Sagar Stadium and Tarantaal are flooded with youngsters who are turning up in large numbers to learn the skills of their favourite games and to improve their performance after practicing hard during morning and evening hours on a daily basis.

Sense of insecurity among girls has encouraged their parents to join self-defense coaching classes. Likewise, boys are favouring cricket and football. Free Press reporter visited sports ground to take update of activities there and talked to the participants.

Girls prefer self defense camps

Girls are now-a-days becoming more active about their protection. Out of 250 students, 130 are girls who are undergoing summer coaching camp. “I want to become self-dependent as it is very beneficial and helps in self-defense,” said Zalik Tiwari. Their coach Sunil Soni said, “Students are learning karate with sincerity.

Now-a-days girls’ participation has increased as compared to boys. Girls are winning medals more than boys.  In last two years, 18 students won medals and got scholarships. We are taking nominal charges of Rs 300 per month, but during summer vacations camp will be held free of cost in May at Mahananda Nagar ground at its regular time from 7 am to 8:30 am.”

Dussehra Maidan sees budding cricketers

Students who are under 17 year are getting training at Dussehra Maidan by Akshat Cricket Association where fees of 500 per month and Rs 300 registration fees is being charged from every participant.  “With frankness students playing cricket to make their future during 6 am to 9 am and 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm every day,” their coach Anvesh Sanverkar informed.

Football  attracts many

60-70 students are playing football from 5.30 pm for two hours at Dussehra Maidan. “It is very interesting and gives more opportunity than any other game for future. It makes a person more physically fit,” said Hardik, a participant.  According to their coach Arpit Yadav, nominal charge of Rs 300 is taken from every participant.

Craze for basketball prevails

Both girls and boys are showing equal inclination towards basketball where age group is 6 to 21 years. At Mahananda Nagar ground they are getting training every day between 5.30 pm and 7.30 pm. “Monthly charge of Rs 300 is taken from them, but it not compulsory for all and those who cannot bear can also join the camp,” coach Manisha Panwar informed.