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Ujjain: Seminar organised on Emperor Vikramaditya’s literary evidence


Ujjain: A seminar was organised on the literary evidence of Emperor Vikramaditya in the meeting room of Scindia Oriental Research Institute on the second day of Vikram Amrit Utsav-2018 on Tuesday. It was jointly organised by the Swaraj Sansthan Sanchalanalaya, culture department, Scindia Oriental Institute, Vikram University and Maharaja Vikramaditya Shodh Peeth.

The seminar was inaugurated by guests by lighting a traditional lamp and garlanding the portrait of Emperor Vikramaditya. The seminar was chaired by Maharaja Vikramaditya Shodh Peeth director, Dr Bhagwatilal Rajpurohit.

He said the description of Emperor Vikramaditya is found in various Sanskrit literature. According to the explanation given in the three Puranas Skand Purana, Bhavishy Purana and Bhavishyottar Purana from eighteen myths, there were there was a mention of Vikramaditya in Kali Samvat 3000. According to this, Emperor Vikramaditya was born in 101 BC.

The description about the reign of Vikramaditya is mentioned in Skanda Purana. According to this, Emperor Vikramaditya was coronated when he was just 20 years. Vikram Samvat was started by Vikramaditya in 57 BC. These definite dates are received through the Puranas. It is further revealed in this episode, that Emperor Vikramaditya was about 137 years 7 months and 15 days old and ruled Ujjain for almost 100 years, Dr Rajpurohit added.

The special guests of the programme were Dr Kedarnath Shukla and Rajendra Kumar Vyas. The programme was outlined by Dr Balakrishna Sharma. Dr Kiran Solanki, Dr Shiv Chaurasia, Dr Ajita Trivedi, Dr Shailendra Sharma Dr Jeevan Singh Thakur and others also expressed their views. The programme was attended by Dr Rishikumar Tiwari, Lekhraj Sharma, Dr Ketaki Trivedi, Dr Ajay Sharma and gratitude was given by Dr Raman. Solanki proposed a vote of thanks.