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Ujjain: Public hearing held for redressal of grievances


Ujjain: Collector Sanket Bhondve held a public hearing at Brihaspathi Bhavan on Tuesday to address public grievances. Among the several complaints received, the case of Mubarak Khan whofiled a complaint that he was not getting justice even after the labour department had given verdict in his favour was looked into.

The case was forwarded to the municipal corporation. Another complainant Umashankar Chandravanshi lodged a complaint against the contractor who failed to make his payment for the work he did during Simhastha-2016.

The matter was handed over to labour department for the further investigation. Hemraj, a resident of Ujjain filed a complaint about florists at Kaal Bhairav temple selling illicit liquor when it can only be sold by an authorised shop.

He demanded ban on such practice. Garima Bairagi filed an application for seeking financial help for the treatment of tuberculosis.